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Gree PTACs Are Ideal for New Construction

From hotels and medical facilities to apartment complexes and single-family residences, when embarking on new construction, every detail matters. With Gree PTACs providing the heating and cooling, everybody wins.

For the Architect/Engineer: Gree PTAC Units Provide Design Flexibility

When drawing up the plans for new construction, using a Gree PTAC can open up the door for creativity. There is no bulky duct system to worry about and no need to build a separate room for equipment. In addition, Gree PTACs eliminate the need for additional cooling equipment and water towers, and don’t require any complex match-up of the various HVAC components. With a Gree PTAC unit from CE, an architect has more control over the exterior appearance and condenser farms, and doesn’t have to be quite as concerned about the building orientation in regards to the sun, shade, and wind.

For the Building Owner: Gree PTACs Offer Initial Cost Savings

When embarking on new construction, Gree PTAC units can eliminate a lot of the expenses usually associated with an HVAC system. For example, with a Gree PTAC in each room, there is no need to purchase a full HVAC system, which also means the equipment room can be skipped and no maintenance engineering staff needs to be hired. With Gree PTAC units, there is also a much lower risk of on-site damage during installation, and the delivery and set up can be completed in two separate steps. Additionally, Gree PTACs mean that there is no need for seasonal changeover. The Gree PTAC units are self-contained and are protected from the elements.

For the Future Occupant: Gree PTAC Units Promise Dependable Comfort and Reduced Operating Costs

Once complete, any residential or commercial facilities equipped with Gree PTAC units offer substantial benefits to persuade future occupants. They will enjoy the substantial savings each month on their cooling and heating bills, as well as the ability to control the temperature in each room individually. With Gree PTACs, each resident can receive maintenance without any other occupants being bothered, and there is no dependency on a central HVAC system for the entire building.

Choosing the Right Size Gree PTAC Unit is Crucial

While Gree PTAC units offer tremendous benefits, it is important that they are properly sized for the space. If the Gree PTAC unit is too large or too small for the space, efficiency will be greatly reduced and the equipment and interior furnishings may even become damaged.

  • If the Gree PTAC is undersized, the unit will not be able to get the temperature cool enough on a hot day and unnecessary wear will be put on the unit.
  • On the contrary, if the Gree PTAC is too large for the space, it will cool the air too quickly and cause the unit to short cycle—and since dehumidification only occurs when the Gree PTAC unit is on, the space can quickly become excessively humid.

A professional engineer should choose the correct Gree PTAC unit for the space depending on the size and climate of the room. This ensures the unit can operate at its best and maximum benefits can be achieved.

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