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HVAC Supplies for Every Project

At CE, we make it easier than ever to find the HVAC supplies you need for every job, whether you’re looking for heating and cooling parts or even a full system. Our innovative Part Finder tool is available 24/7 to help you search our massive inventory of HVAC parts and supplies, and we’ve included precise information about every part we carry. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get everything you need, all in one convenient location.

Carrier Air Conditioner Parts

Our extensive collection of Carrier AC parts makes it easier than ever to repair or replace a unit – or to add a new one entirely. In addition to a full line of air conditioning supplies, we also stock ductwork supplies and everything you need to provide your customers with a comfortable home.

Whether you need to choose Carrier AC parts for a brand-new home or need to add a ductless system to cool additional rooms, we’ve got you covered. From compressor parts to HVAC duct supplies and every tool you need to make installation a snap, our goal is to help you find the correct item and get it to you quickly.

With some of the top names in the business, including Carrier, Bryant and Payne, and a full range of styles and features to choose from, our air conditioning department features one-stop shopping. Sort units by brand, SEER rating, motor type, refrigerant and more.

Carrier Heat Pumps

Make it easy and efficient to heat the home – or to circulate cool air in the summer. CE stocks Bryant heat pumps, which offer the ultimate in durability and longevity.

Small Packaged Equipment

Have a small lot or simply not enough space for a full-sized HVAC unit? Our innovative and energy-efficient packages make heating and cooling the home a breeze, even when there is not a lot of space for installation. Special narrow units are designed to take up a minimal amount of space but still provide plenty of heating and cooling power.

Carrier Furnace Parts

Our inventory of HVAC supplies would not be complete without our full range of furnace parts; a gas furnace is an easy and economical way to heat the home and a popular pick for homeowners. HVAC ductwork supplies allow you to offer a full-service maintenance model and ensure that your customer always enjoys optimal air quality.

Geothermal Heating

Harness the power of the earth’s natural warmth; a geothermal unit draws heat from the ground below the home to ensure a comfortable temperature for all. CE, your Carrier parts dealer, stocks all the HVAC parts supplies you need to heat your home in this strikingly modern and eco-friendly manner.

Thermostats and Automation

Carrier’s unique and innovative Cor system combines the ultimate in comfort and convenience and makes any residence a truly smart home. While you can begin with a full system, we stock a full line of smart home-friendly HVAC supplies designed to support any project or application. From improving the home’s security to ensuring that the home is running as energy efficiently as possible, our programmable thermostats and home automation components will help revitalize any home.

HVAC Supplies Online

Buying HVAC supplies online allows you to offer your clients the best possible rates and makes it easy to find the items you need in an instant. By listing not only the most commonly used HVAC parts and supplies, but full specs and substitution information, Carrier parts distributors like CE make it easy to complete even complex jobs in a timely manner.

It’s about more than just sourcing heating supplies; we’re committed to helping contractors grow and be the best they can be; as HVAC suppliers, our job is to make sure you not only have the pieces you need, but that you can get to that information quickly to provide your customer with near instant quotes and service. Our dedication to excellence and desire to be your HVAC parts supplier are what help propel us to the forefront of our industry.

Count on CE

CE is dedicated to becoming your primary HVAC supplier and to helping you grow your business. Stop by and look at our extensive selection of HVAC parts and supplies to get an idea of what our massive inventory and buying power can do for you.

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