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Refrigerant and Oils

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Refrigerant and Oils

Without refrigerant, you cannot have a functioning air conditioning system. Luckily, at CE, we carry all of the refrigerant cylinders and refrigerant oils you need to make sure the HVAC system you are working on is running properly. Whether you are looking for R22 refrigerant, R410 refrigerant, or something else, you can depend on CE.

Benefits of Refrigerant Cylinders & Oils

Not all refrigerant is equal. There is refrigerant on the market that is impure and can impact the efficiency of your customer’s HVAC system. At CE, we are very strict about the R22 and R410 refrigerant that we sell, and when you buy from us you can know you are getting a quality product that will work correctly for your customer. We also strive to have the R410 and R22 refrigerant cylinders you need in stock at all times, as long as the supply supports it.

Types of Refrigerant Oils & Cylinders

The majority of the refrigerant cylinders we sell are R22 and R410 cylinders. However, we do also have refrigerant blends and any other common refrigerants and refrigerant oils you may need. No matter what type of refrigerant the equipment calls for, you can be sure that CE will have it available for you.

Choose CE for R22 Refrigerant and More

The refrigerant you use is a key component of system effectiveness. At CE, we are dedicated to keeping the R22 refrigerant supply pure and we promise to only sell top-quality refrigerant cylinders. Our staff is comprised of highly trained HVAC experts who can help you decipher which type of refrigerant cylinder you need for the job, and they can teach you the best way to reclaim the old refrigerant from the system you are working on.

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