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VRF HVAC Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow is an innovative technology that is gaining popularity with both businesses and homeowners in the USA. Similar to a ductless systems, a VRF HVAC system uses refrigerant to heat and cool homes and businesses. Available as a heat pump model(heat or cool only), or with simultaneous heating and cooling, VRF HVAC technology offers increased energy efficiency designed to drive down energy bills, precise zoning for maximum thermal comfort, and can easily integrate into existing or newly installed building automation systems.

Designed to work in just about any space, ductless VRF systems can be added to a new home or commercial building addition or to improve the comfort of an existing home or office space. With unsurpassed comfort, energy efficiency and a wide range of options and sizes, this innovative technology is gaining in popularity in both new builds and existing properties.

VRF Gaining Popularity in the USA

VRF HVAC systems have been a mainstay in Japan, Asia, and Europe for decades; about 80% of the commercial office buildings on these continents are comforted by VRF. Thanks to the energy efficiency, precise thermal comfort control, and convenience of installing these systems, they are rapidly gaining popularity in homes and businesses in the US as well.

VRF and Building/Home Automation

VRF can seamlessly integrate with your existing building/home automation systems, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of these automation control systems. From savings on the monthly electric bill to the ease of controlling the building/home comfort via remote, a VRF system can make a big difference in your project results.

VRF Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

  • VRF heat pump systems that heats OR cools at a time: A commonly used VRF system, the heat pump VRF system has a number of indoor styles and sizes that can provide precise thermal zoning control for your home or commercial building.
  • VRF heat recovery systems can heat and cool simultaneously: The most sophisticated version of VRF, this type of system can heat and cool your home simultaneously provided proper application and design and is most often used in commercial applications.

Carrier VRF Heating and Air Conditioning Options

CE is committed to offering a wide range of VRF systems and can help you find the perfect match for your project. Learning more about your variable refrigerant flow options can help you decide which version of this popular technology is right for your customers. Some of our most popular VRF system offerings include:

Heat Recovery VRF Systems: These systems Heat and cool simultaneously with a single system, ensuring that the occupants are always comfortable. VRF systems take advantage of this innovative technology and make the most of your customer’s comfort investment.

VRF Systems: Have a home or building application where occupant comfort and energy efficiency are required. A Carrier VRF HVAC system can bring comfort and efficiency to many projects. Using a VRF system opens up the possibilities and ensures that every part of your home or commercial building is comfortable and usable. VRF systems are designed to fit into your space as needed and with a wide-array of indoor styles and types, these systems can meet the tough aesthetic requirements of your customers.

VRF Heat Pumps: A popular version of VRF technology, Carrier VRF heat pumps give you all of the benefits of this innovative technology with the backing of a brand you can trust. Whether you want the installation convenience, energy efficiency, or the precise thermal zoning control of a VRF system, incorporating VRF technology into your home or commercial building application ensures years of low maintenance comfort and operation.

Learning more about VRF technology and systems can help you make the best possible choices for your home or commercial project. CE can help you find the right VRF HVAC system and equipment for your project; whether you use our easy app to find your perfect match or give us a call, we can help with your VRF needs.

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